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Item ID Brand Model Year Hours Price Photos
0451 Komatsu PC20UU-3-11840 canopy, bkt, steel tracks, EPA 2003 3300hr available for sale
0444 Kobelco SK20UR-2-PB03-00660 canopy, bkt, steel tracks, multi lever 2007 2900hr available for sale
0443 Kobelco SK20UR-2-PB03-00670 canopy, bkt, rubber tracks, multi lever 2007 2800hr available for sale
0436 Yanmar Vio27-5B-53750 cabin, bkt, rubber tracks 2010 1980hr SOLD
0434 Hitachi ZX27U-2-10040 bkt, steel tracks w/rubber pads, piping, multi lever EPA 2005 4200hr available for sale
0433 Hitachi ZX27U-3-20078 canopy, bkt, steel tracks, piping, multi lever, EPA 2009 2800hr available for sale
0430 Komatsu PC28UU-3-30430 cabin, bkt, rubber tracks 1999 9000hr available for sale
0427 Komatsu PC30MR-3-35026 canopy, bkt, steel tracks, piping, multi lever 2012 3400hr available for sale
0424 Komatsu PC30MR-3-38660 canopy, rubber tracks, multi lever, EPA 2014 500hr available for sale
0421 Komatsu PC30MR-3-38979 canopy, bkt, steel trucks, piping, multi lever 2014 2400hr available for sale
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